QRO Solutions are making a firm investment in social value commitments by opening the doors to local students and offering professional work placements to explore the skills and knowledge required for ANPR technology, which is utilised by leading companies and enforcement organisations across the world, including the Home Office, local Police forces, local council, and Ministry of Defence (MoD) Police.

QRO Solutions hopes the exciting work placements will inspire people on the first steps of their career ladder to further explore the technical engineering and electrical skills sector and the broad range of employment it can offer locally, nationally, or worldwide.

By committing to social values, forging links between the public and private sector and providing real world opportunities to the upcoming generations, QRO Solutions hopes to play a small part in the development of local talent that soon will be applying their new ideas and skills to the fast-paced movement of the technology and engineering industries.

If you are interested in further information about QRO Solutions work placements, please do not hesitate to call 01604 781890 or email info@qrosolutions.co.uk.

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