Instant Alerting Suite

Receive ANPR alerts from your ANPR Management Server, direct to your mobile assets

Instant Alerting Console

The ability to respond rapidly to fixed camera alerts within a pre-defined geofence

To further enhance the ANPR capability of our customers, QRO have introduced a product called Instant Alerting Console (IAC) that can receive alerts in a mobile unit, directly from fixed camera sites via the forces QRO ANPR Management Server.

Using geofences, if a mobile unit is within a pre defined distance from a fixed ANPR camera, it will receive the alert from that fixed site camera, on the IAC software installed on their in vehicle PC or tablet.

Instant Alerting Console Android (IAC Android)

IAC Android is an Android application deployed on the force’s Android phones designed to receive ANPR alerts from fixed camera sites.

This provides enhanced reactive capabilities to the force as the alerting platform is no longer limited to an in-car ANPR PC, but extends the alerts directly to the officer, whether in a vehicle or patrolling by foot.

The IAC Android also includes a rapid mapping feature which quickly provides the officer with a graphical representation of the camera site that generated the alert, allowing the office to calculate their position in relation to this alert.
IAC android works in conjunction with the QRO ANPR Management Server to further enhance the forces response capabilities.

Key Features

Enhancing the force’s reactive capabilities


Alerts from fixed site cameras are only transmitted to mobile units within a preset distance from the camera to ensure the most appropriate resources respond.

Multiple Receiving Devices

The receiving of alert data is not limited to mobile ANPR assets only. Handheld devices or mobile phones could receive the fixed camera alerts.

Regulation 109 Integration

The IAC GUI supports the new Regulation 109 requirement

ANPR Management Server Deployment

IAC can be deployed to the device direct from the QRO ANPR Management Server, without the need to visit the remote Unit.