MAV Rapier IQ

Police proven and accepted High Definition self-contained ANPR camera

MAV Rapier IQ

Highly Reliable and robust, multi-lane, 24/7, ANPR surveillance and capture.

A suite of extremely reliable, high performance ANPR cameras capable of 2 or 3 lane ANPR coverage 24 hours a day. QRO have successfully deployed in excess of 300 cameras within the UK enhancing the reputation as being the camera of choice by the UK Police forces today.

Key Features

Dual sensor solution with dedicated IR (ANPR) and Colour (Overview) capability with ANPR possible on both sensors simultaneously

Optional built in NASP testing

Provides an accurate downloadable report of vehicles captured, ANPR read, overview and short video to aid the customer with checking the camera performance.

50m Target Distance (2 lane Camera Option)

Capable of illuminating and reading number plates at distance of 50m, allowing additional flexibility to camera placement.

Low 14 watt nominal power (POE+)

Utilises POE+ for data and camera powering and requires only a nominal 14 watts of power for full operational functionality.

External device support

The MAV Rapier IQ range can interface to existing RADAR devices to combine speed measurements in to their UTMC 1.2 protocol and control external devices such as Pan and Tilt Units.


The MAV Rapier IQ camera range have been utilised in both CCTV van and fixed site installations. With a browser based camera configration screen, the camera remains extremely accessible from remote loactions.

It can assist you with:
  • Police ANPR enforcement
  • Intelligent targeted Policing
  • Journey Time analysis
  • Cloned Plate identification

Support and Accreditations

Extreme reliability and back to base or on site support available. Proven NASP compliance for UK ANPR Police deployment.