ANPR Camera Accessories

Re-deployable Battery Pack

The QRO battery pack supports both the MAV and HIKVision ANPR camera solutions

The re-deployable battery pack is capable of providing at least 72 hours of continuous operation. It has been designed for rapid deployment due to its unique mounting bracket and lightweight construction. It can support either 48V (NASBox/Hik Camera) or optionally a 12V version to support the MAV Rapier IQ range.

Key Features

The battery solution can be installed on an existing street lighting column or other street furniture without the need for external power.


At 15.7kg, the battery solution represents a reduction in weight compared with other solutions that provide the same operational time period.

Operational duration

For use with the MAV or HIKVision camera, the expected operational period before battery discharge should be 3 days.

Rapid Deployment

The battery housing is deigned in two sections, the first section attaches to the street furniture whilst the second section is latched onto the first section.

This prevents the need to support the weight of the battery whilst trying to attach to the pole at the same time.

Extended operational use

Operational use can be extended by connecting more than one battery pack together.


Reporting of power outages

The Remote monitoring And Watchdog Box is utilised with the QRO NASBox to monitor the incoming power and in the event of a power loss, either a text message or a unique back-office message will be transmitted to the customer.

Key Features

The RAWBox is installed along side the NASBox

Internal Battery Support

In the event that mains power to the site is lost, the NASBox processor, modem and WiFi modules are powered from the battery typically for 15 minutes.

Timed Power Disconnection

When triggered, the incoming power supply is disconnected from the NASBox for a period of 15 seconds. This enables the entire NASBox to be power cycled under software control.

Power Fail Alert

Unique messages transmitted to ANPR Management Server which will indicate when power is lost and restored.

The ANPR Management Server will create system alerts to the users in the event of receiving the messages.

Watchdog Power Cycle

In the event of any software or operating system failures, the Watchdog will power cycle the NASBox.