ANPR Management Server

Efficient, reliable and robust ANPR data repository and National ANPR Service delivery Service

ANPR Management Server

Leading UK Police ANPR data delivery application accredited by the Home Office

QRO Solutions are one of the leading ANPR Management Server application providers to the UK Police. The ANPR Management Server application supports the following

Data input protocols – UTMC 1.1/1.2, BOF2 Web Services, QRO Check-IT communications

Data Output protocols – UTMC 1.2 (hashed algorithm), BOF2 Web Services, QRO Instant alerting Console, QRO Check-IT communications, latest National ANPR Services (RESTful Web Services), Transport for West Midlands JSON journey time output.

Key Features

Developed from the ground up with extensive experience in Police requirements

A Plethora of Communication Protocols

The software supports a multitude of data communication protocols ensuring new and legacy ANPR cameras can still continue to deliver data.

Advanced Graphical Dashboard

Detailed and flexible timing graphs to monitor data bottlenecks from remote sources to the receiving data repository.

Realtime Alerting

The application can match against a number of target lists and deliver the alert via browser alert consoles or back to originating source, such as a Mobile ANPR system.

Home Office Accreditation

UK Home Office accreditation following a host of exhaustive and stringent testing.

ANPR Management Support.

Microsoft SQL Server database for data buffering, searching and improved robustness.

Feature rich graphical dashboard for all aspects of timing detail related to data delivery, database insertion etc.

Browser based alerting console & offline search capabilities and overview requests on demand.

QRO’s ANPR Management Server application is currently being utilised by 10 UK Police forces making QRO one of the largest suppliers of the application software.


Utilised as an ANPR data delivery application, supporting data buffering and protocol conversion at rates in excess of 50 vehicles per second (subject to hardware specification)

It can assist you with:
  • Essential intelligence gathering
  • The ability to react quickly to known priority alerts
  • Historical search capability of stored data
  • Buffering of ANPR reads in the event that the National ANPR Service is down
  • Bronze testing accredited by the UK Home Office.
  • Designed and implemented following ISO27002 code of practice