Harrier Mobile Camera

Soon to be launched all-in-one 5MP Intelligent Harrier Mobile ANPR Camera.

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Redefine Road Safety

In a world where data-driven decisions reign supreme, your traffic management and surveillance infrastructure cannot afford to lag.

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Key Features

Pioneering Applications and Features

ANPR/ALPR Technology

Situated at the heart of Harrier Mobile is its cutting-edge ANPR/ALPR technology. Specialised algorithms excel in licence plate recognition and vehicle identification regardless of weather conditions and light levels, offering unrivalled accuracy, efficiency and intelligence.

Vehicle Make, Model & Colour Detection

With AI-enabled road safety, Harrier Mobile brings vehicle make and model detection to an entirely new level of precision, invaluable for criminal investigations and traffic studies alike.

Pedestrian and Cycle Path Monitoring

Capable of pedestrian and cycle path monitoring with integrator AI software, Harrier Mobile safeguards pedestrian walkways and cycle paths by instantly detecting any unauthorised vehicles or obstructions, intelligently prompting immediate action.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Powered by embedded ANPR software and a suitable Back Office System, data-driven traffic patterns can be delivered providing insights into real-time traffic congestion to road network management teams.

Stopped Vehicle Detection

With ported AI algorithms, automated stopped vehicle detection enhances safety protocols by pinpointing stopped or stranded vehicles, facilitating a rapid emergency response.

Parking Management

Elevate the parking experience with AI-powered parking management. Harrier Mobile can support the identification of empty car park spaces through AI image processing, streamlining for all drivers and ensuring optimal utilisation of space.

Mobile Phone and Seatbelt Use Identification

Through advanced seatbelt and mobile use detection algorithms, Harrier Mobile could be used to encourage compliance in research and legal settings.

Vehicle Speed from Frame Analysis

Speed management is made extraordinarily precise with Harrier Mobile’s capabilities in vehicle speed detection through meticulous frame-by-frame analysis, a pivotal feature for effective speed limit enforcement and traffic studies alike.

Superior Technical Specifications

Harrier Mobile is designed, specified and built to a world-leading standard, including:


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The Intelligence Behind Harrier Mobile

Armed with a Nvidia Jetson AI processor, Harrier Mobile delivers real-time analytics and ALPR/ANPR software-enabled data processing. Powered by machine learning algorithms, Harrier Mobile is both adaptive and responsive to ever-changing road conditions.

Future-proof your infrastructure with Harrier Mobile and embrace the next wave of smart city traffic management and IoT traffic monitoring by integrating Harrier Mobile into your operations. This is not merely an advancement; it’s a revolution in AI Traffic Control Systems.

QRO Solutions Harrier Mobile – Advancing Intelligence for a safer, smarter road ahead.