Introducing the new Merlin IP/HD/IR/Col ANPR Camera paired to the QBOX

Cost effective In-Vehicle ANPR Solution

QRO’s Merlin IP ANPR in-vehicle solution offers HD capability for up to 3 lanes of ANPR from a single camera. Paired with our QBOX which is a Linux based platform running the ANPR engine and managing wireless/4G/5G communications for onward transmission of data to the force management server. This can be paired with our IAC Android application for viewing alerts on a mobile phone or tablet, negating the need to install a screen in the vehicle.

QBOX receives an IP video stream from the Merlin camera to allow the onboard ANPR engine to process in real time for every vehicle passing the cameras field of view. This data can then be augmented (for example by the incorporation of GPS co-ordinates and the application of meta-data to images) before being transmitted to a wide range of back office systems using industry standard protocols such as UTMC and BOF2.

QBOX will support up to 4 cameras. Wired to the ignition, the system can auto-boot on ignition on and shut down on ignition off.

Paired with the QRO CSGS Server application, Android IAC offers the ability to display vehicle alerts in a REG109 compliant interface. This can be configured to display local alerts locally from the cameras installed in the vehicle as well as receiving fixed camera alerts from your fixed site infrastructure.

Camera groups can be setup or we can geofence the device to receive alerts within a specified range of a fixed site camera.

Full vehicle details can be viewed when the device is moving under 7mph.

Key Features

No need for Operator interaction

Exceptional ANPR performance utilising the Vaxtor ANPR engine.

Can be used simply for intelligence gathering with any ANPR Management Server

Supports up to 4 cameras

Simple installation reducing further overall costs for in-car ANPR capability

Exceptional ANPR performance utilising the Vaxtor ANPR engine

Up to 3 lane capability from a single camera

Unobtrusive Merlin camera 3mp single lens High Definition IP—colour reads through daylight hours automatically switching to IR at night to give 24/7 capability.

When linked to the QRO Management Server via QRO’s Instant Alerting Console (IAC), local
vehicle and fixed camera site alerts displayed through Mobile phone or tablet

Support and Accreditations

Loyal Emergency Services user base due to QRO’s dependable solutions and prompt support service

  • -30° to +60° C operational temperature range
  • 0.9kg
  • 200 x 120 x 75mm footprint
  • CE Mark
  • 12 Months return to base warranty