ProVida 2000

Mobile speed enforcement and video surveillance

ProVida 2000

ProVida combines high quality digital surveillance with the Police approved speed measurement tool.

For over 20 years the ProVida brand has remained the global leader in mobile speed enforcement and in-car video surveillance, with thousands of systems actively used by police forces in over 20 countries.

The ProVida system calculates the average speed of a moving vehicle between two defined points and records the video with overlay text displaying the target vehicle average speed, patrol vehicle actual speed, time and date providing evidential proof of either a speeding or road traffic offence.

Key Features

The ProVida 2000 can be used from a moving or stationary patrol vehicle, with the target vehicle travelling in the same direction, in front or behind the patrol vehicle

Average Speed

Calculates the average speed of a moving vehicle between 2 defined points, without the need to be in the line of travel of the target vehicle.

In-car Monitor

The video can be displayed on an existing in-car monitor, combined with an in-car ANPR display or on a standalone monitor

Front Facing Camera

The front facing Kestrel camera has an optical zoom lens and a built in switchable microphone to allow in-car audio

Video Storage

Video can be stored on the optional ProVida HDR or other recording devices, Suitable for use in both single and twin crewed vehicles


ProVida 2000 can be used in a moving or stationary vehicle with the target vehicle travelling in the same direction, in front of or behind the surveillance vehicle.

It can assist you with:
  • Traffic management and monitoring
  • Fixed penalty offences
  • Mobile surveillance
  • High speed pursuits
  • Covert operations
  • Front camera can be used for combined speed and ANPR

System Approvals

Trusted by police forces around the world, We offer full product support, training and maintenance packages for ProVida 2000.

The solution is ACPO certified for use in the United Kingdom and has undergone type approval testing and approval for individual countries overseas.

It also complies with:
Provida 2000 systems are approved by:

  • PTB (Physikalisch – Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut B.V.)
  • UCM (Ufficio Centrale Metrico)
  • MIRS (Metrology Institute of the Republic of Solvenia)
  • IPQ (Instituto Porteguês da Qualidade)