Multimedia Vault Software

A centralised repository for your event driven video clips

Multimedia Vault

Browser based editing, viewing and DVD burning Software Package

Multimedia Vault runs on a centralised Server and provides a repository for all video uploads. Any user with the correct security credentials can access Multimedia Vault through any networked PC using the windows Internet Browser, without the need for additional software. Once accessed the user can browse, edit and burn directly to the DVD In the browsing PC (if DVD burner present), the video of interest for presenting in court.

Currently the application supports MPEG2 and H.264 video clips produced by the QRO ANPR/DVR application or the Attobus DVR application.

Key Features

Browser based access to the forces in-car video clips

Built-in DVD burning

Burn to DVD for court evidence through the user interface

User Access Control

Control the levels of permissions for viewing, editing and burning video clips

Video Preview and Editing

Find the file of interest and view and/or edit within the browser interface * (*subject to permissions)

Clip Housekeeping

Clips can be set to automatically delete after a pre-defined period of time to meet ICO requirements.


Organised central video file system with user friendly interface

It can assist you with:
  • Identifying video scenes of interest
  • Editing and burning clips of interest
  • View data from a number of vehicles from your fleet
  • Access from any browser on the forces network