Check-IT Mobile ANPR

Highly functional and diverse in-vehicle ANPR/DVR application for enforcement industries.

Check-IT Mobile ANPR

ANPR/DVR and camera control from a single Windows application

The QRO Check-IT Mobile ANPR application has nearly 20 years of development  resulting in a function rich, proven robust and reliable software product. Some of the key functions of the application are:

  • Intuitive Graphical user Interface combining live video viewing with realtime ANPR list results reducing the need for operators to navigate through multiple windows.
  • Efficient local and remote target list alerting
  • Integration of local Digital Video Recording management
  • Full audit control and logging
  • Multiple camera control software support (MAV, VISCA, PELCO)
  • Incorporates the world reknowned PIPS (Neology) ANPR Engine
  • Full integration to QRO’s Regulation 109 GUI

Key Features

Standalone or integrated into a larger data sharing network

Camera Control

Touchscreen or keyboard control of camera functions, such as zoom/focus/gain and Inra red illumination power.

DVR Integration

Start, stop and edit event driven video recordings from the Check-IT GUI

PAL & IP High Resolution Camera Support

Capability to support both PAL Analogue cameras and/or High resolution IP cameras with multi lane coverage.

ANPR Management Server Support

Multiple data communications protocols for delivery to various ANPR Management Servers or journey time systems


20 years of functional development leading to a function rish, reliable and robust software package.

It can assist you with:
  • Single point of access for operational needs
  • Mobile surveillance
  • High speed pursuits
  • Covert operations.