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About QRO Solutions - Driven by Innovation

QRO was established by its present management team in December 2000 to realise their vision for Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology applied to the UK national security for the prevention and detection of crime.

QRO Solutions was founded in December 2000 with a clear initiative to utilise their experience and technical acumen to provide ANPR solutions primarily to UK Police Forces .

QRO had identified that simply providing a customer with a product that read number plates was not enough and focussed on being able to deliver not only the physical ANPR product, but a complete end to end solution capable of delivering tangible intelligence in a form the customer can relate to.

The first such system was deployed at Algeciras Port in Spain in 2001. This involved permanently deploying ANPR cameras to monitor Entrance and Exit routes, performing ANPR, matching against the Schengen database in Madrid and then transmitting alerts to Pagers worn by the Port Police.

Since this first static ANPR installation, QRO, over the years have continued to push the technological boundaries delivering national static ANPR infrastructures, networks of mobile, portable and re-Deployable ANPR systems and Back Office Management Suite Software.

Recently QRO have diversified into mobile digital Surveillance and Handheld ANPR applications, to further expand their current product portfolio.

ANPR (Evo 8) Video
QRO Software - Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
Check-IT Handheld
Check-IT Handheld

New Check-IT Handheld BlackBerry ANPR service for the BlackBerry Device.
Point and click centralised ANPR and BOF integration for BlackBerry mobile data users

Download the datasheet here
To further enhance the policing capability for officers on the street, QRO, working in partnership with GeoForms, have developed an ANPR application that utilises the BlackBerry Hardware and camera for the purposes of ANPR.

Officers can simply point the devices camera at a vehicle number plate, take a snapshot and await the ANPR result to be returned back to the device.

All ANPR data captured can be matched against the BOF vehicles of interest before being forwarded on to the force BOF and then on to NADC

Check-IT ANPR application
Check-IT ANPR application

In-car, portable and standalone ANPR application suite with full N.A.A.S web service accreditation.

Download the datasheet here
Check-IT application has been designed to encompass all ANPR functionality required on a live ANPR system today.

Such functionality includes but is not limited to, self contained application including the ANPR engine, live alert list matching, audible and visual alerting, interfacing to the QRO Check-IT Second Generation Server, connection to the most commonly used Back Office Systems and more recently the introduction of 4 channel H.264 digital recording and ANPR from a single application.

Check-IT is the most diverse and function rich application used in a mobile and portable environment to date.

ANPR Management System<br />            (CSGS) application
ANPR Management System
(CSGS) application
QRO's ANPR Management Server is an extension to the latest QRO CSGS Web Server and has been developed with the new NAS ingestor requirements in mind. With the recent Home Office re-assesment of local force BOF requirements and in light of the new National ANPR Service, forces are requiring a BOF-Lite software application to meet a reduced data handling requirement. The result is QRO's ANPR Management Server, based on an SQL database platform and browser access technology, this product satisfies the ANPR delivery, resilience and local storage needs for their forces ANPR estate.

QRO's ANPR Management Server has been designed to support a number of input data formats, for example UTMC 1.0/1.2 (with image fetch capability), BOF 2 Web Services, FTP, Selex RESTful Web Services and QRO check-IT Communications. The data is stored in an SQL Database for further interrogation through web browsers, or forwarded on to other systems, for example the existing Police force BOF, National ANPR Service (NAS), Web based live ANPR reads\live Alert read consoles or the Cloud Amber Journey time analysis system.

Multimedia Video Vault
Multimedia Video Vault

Dedicated Video/Audio Server application accessible through Web Browser technology.

Download the datasheet here
Multimedia Vault is a Server application utilised as a central repository for video and audio files.

The application provides users the ability to upload all their video files currently collected by in-car systems to a central server so the data can be accessed, viewed and DVD authored if required.

The application provides access via Internet browser technology and incorporates stringent user permission account to provide video clip viewing, editing and writing restrictions along with a comprehensive audit process.

Currently the system supports MPEG2 (Microbus/Attobus) file format and QRO's DVR MPEG4 (H.264) solution.

Check-IT Handheld Blackberry ANPR

Check-IT Handheld Blackberry ANPR

New Check-IT Handheld BlackBerry ANPR service for the BlackBerry Device.

Point and click centralised ANPR and BOF integration for BlackBerry mobile data users.

Check-IT ANPR application

Check-IT ANPR application

The most function rich mobile ANPR software currently available.

In-car, portable and standalone ANPR application suite with full N.A.A.S web service accreditation.

ANPR Management Server

ANPR Management Server

Dedicated ANPR Web Server application accessible through Web Browser technology for NAS

ANPR Management Server has been designed to handle data throughput volumes in excess of 10 million reads a day from mobile, fixed and re-deployable ANPR sites.

Multimedia Vault Software

Multimedia Vault Software

Dedicated Video/Audio Server application accessible through Web Browser technology

To support the storage, searching, editing, viewing and DVD authoring of MPEG2/MPEG4 video and audio.

QRO Hardware - Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
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Mobile ANPR

QRO have been providing in-car ANPR solutions from their inception and have provided reliable, robust, function rich systems with the very best equipment currently available.

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Re-Deployable ANPR
(Intelligent Camera)

QRO have integrated a number of supplier's intelligent camera solutions into their current customer's ANPR infrastructure.

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QRO acquired by Petards Group PLC
Published 14th april 2016

Petards Group PLC aquire QRO solutions Limited.

Petards and QRO offer complimentary products in the enforcement market and the aquisition w
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Local Force purchases Check-IT Handheld for use on BlackBerry Devices
Published 23/09/2013

QRO Solutions have completed the delivery of its first Check-IT Handheld order to a local Police Force.

The force have dep
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QRO offer their customers NASP testing service
Published 17/12/2013

Following the mandatory requirements for Police Forces to perform annual performance tests on their ANPR estate; QRO were approached by a number of
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Darwin Holiday and Leisure Parks ANPR Access Control
Published June 2013

QRO receive an order from Digital Surveillance Wrexham for the supply of an ANPR access control system at Cheddar Woods Holiday Home Park.
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EVO8 family further enhanced with credible night time overview capability
Published June 2013

QRO are currently offering the Evo 8 "Enhanced" IR/Colour intelligent camera which has been recently added to the Evo 8 ANPR product family
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